Ryzenberg On: Currently Coveting - Mid November

Proenza Schouler PS1 messenger bag: I mean, who needs a PS3 when you can own one of Fall’s most sought-after arm candy. (That’s, of course, if you can dish out $1,500) I am beginning to feel like Holy Golighty in Breakfast at Tiffany’s — as I often go to Barney’s, ponder at the bag and leave. Let’s call this 21st Century version Brunch at Barney’s NYC.

J. Crew Cape: I’ve always wanted to feel like a superhero and I think this cape definitely serves that purpose. Classic, chic and with a bit of understatement all rolled into one. This would also make me act like a detective, learning clues about those heartbreakers I tend to encounter. All I am missing are some fierce heels, a pipe and a bowler hat and then I can convert into Detective Ryzenberg On. (Oh yeah, a handsome Watson wouldn’t hurt either.)

Ippolita Earrings: These are so elegant and clean. Of course, this Italian artist sure knows how to make jewelry pieces be the talk of the party. These have ‘Dolce Vita’ written all over it. Hair tightly pulled back or on a braid, long white dress, natural summer tan and of course the aforementioned ear candy make any summer look sweeter!

Ryzenberg On, is Signing off

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